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Verizon Wireless Refer-a-Friend Program, February 2016:

Referral rewards $25 visa debit card each!

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$25 Verizon Wireless Rewards Visa Prepaid Card

With Verizon Friends & Familly program, you receive a free $25 filled debit card if you're referred, and your referrer gets a nice $25 debit card, to spend anywhere you like as well! 

You think you don’t know anyone who can refer you, or no one to refer for Verizon Wireless? Wait :) Here's how to benefit from the Verizon Wireless referral program:

Referrers :

Win a complimentary $25 debit card, refilled with extra $25 for each referee your recommend.

How to refer people ?

  1. Add your referral ad for once.
  2. Validate. Your ad is available to everyone !
  3. Start spread it around. Or just wait for people to come and select you as their Referrer / "Referral friend"

Referees :

Win a complimentary $25 debit card when subscribing at Verizon Wireless with a Referrer's recommendation.

How to be referred ?

  1. Click on "Find a Referrer" button below and select the first guy you get as your "Referrer".
  2. You'll be asked for your details to send him, so he can add you as his friend on Verizon portal.
  3. That's it ! you'll receive an invitation email from Verizon.

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+ Terms and conditions

Cards issued by Citibank, N.A. pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Citi Prepaid® Services is a Citibank, N.A. business. Cards will not have cash access and can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

Up to 5 referees per referrer.


Info that the referee must provide to his new “referral friend” to get referred:

  • Referee's Email address
  • Referee's Last Name
  • Referee's First Name
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Verizon Wireless : $25 visa debit card each !

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$25 visa debit card each !

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Verizon Wireless refer-a-friend program

$25 visa debit card each! I visit now
13,575 visites
  • Rated 92.8/100.
9.3 / 10 (5 referrers) Referrer: $25 / Referee: $25

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