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Sprint PCS Refer-a-Friend Program:

Referral rewards $50 for the referrer, $50 for the referee!

2 referrers | 10,176 visits | Offer expires: 12/31/2013

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Adamslide Ksutherland

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Adam S. referred a friend

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Since yesterday, for Sprint PCS:

1 referrals made
$50 earnings referrers
$50 earnings referees
$100 earned in total

Refer a friend or family member to Sprint and we'll give you both AmEx Gift Card - $50 for you, $50 for your friend!

Referrers :

Earn $50 in AmEx Gift Card for each customer you refer. 

How to refer people?

  • Post a member ad for this offer.
  • IMPORTANT: You will need to provide your referral code / referral link.

Referees :

Earn $50 AmEx gift card when you provide your referrer's Sprint PCS number after purchasing a phone and service plan.

How to be referred ?

  • Click on "Find a Referrer" button below and select a referrer.
  • IMPORTANT: You will need to provide your referral code / click on his referral link
  • Sign up for Sprint PCS online (link will open in a new window) or in store and activate your phone.
  • Once your phone is activated, go to http://refer.sprint.com and follow the prompts.  

+ Terms and conditions

Service credits will be applied after both phones have been activated for 30 continuous days.

PCS customers can refer up to 5 people in any 30-day time period.


Referrer information (required by the referee):

  • Referrer’s Referral link
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Sprint PCS : $50 for the referrer, $50 for the referee !

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$50 for the referrer, $50 for the referee !

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Sprint PCS

Sprint PCS refer-a-friend program

$50 for the referrer, $50 for the referee!

http://www.sprint.com I visit now
10,174 visites
  • Rated 85.8/100.
8.6 / 10 (2 referrers) Referrer: $50 / Referee: $50

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