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MyForce is your mobile bodyguard wherever you go—jogging in the park, walking alone at night, or when you’re in unfamiliar areas. If something seems out of the ordinary or you’re worried and  just want extra peace of mind, MyForce is by your side. While the purpose of 911 is to report an emergency once it’s already in progress, MyForce can help you avoid an emergency altogether by alerting our team before something bad happens. By simply touching a button on your smartphone, we have all the relevant information to get you the help you need, where you need it, quickly and efficiently.

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Receive  $30 for referring a friend to MyForce when your friend signs up.

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  • Go to the offer page for the refer a friend offer, here (link will open in a new window). Fill in your name, submit, and then copy the personal URL link.
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Receive $30 off when you sign up for MyForce using your referrer's link.

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MyForce : $30 For Referrer and Referee !

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$30 For Referrer and Referee !

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