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What is all about? is for saving what is for dating: it’s a matchmaking service that allows you to share your refer-a-friend offers with current friends or new contacts that you'll make by placing “referral ads” for the offers you'd like to share. You both get the benefits of the offer. 100% win-win, 100% free!

The Basics:

What are Refer-a-Friend offers?

Refer-a-friend, also known as Friends-and-family, or Member-get-member deals, are a popular way for companies to reward current customers for bringing them new business. Usually, both parties benefit from the deal.
The amount and nature of the rewards and benefits differ depending on the specific offer.
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What is a Referrer?

A Referrer is what we call a person who posts an ad for a refer-a-friend deal on The Referrer is a current customer of the refer-a-friend deal company, and receives a financial benefit in exchange for getting Referee to sign up for a refer-a-friend offer with him or her. The Referee will in turn benefit from the company offer.
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What is a Referee?

A Referee is the what we call a person who responds to a posted ad for a refer-a-friend offer on By becoming a participant in the offer, the Referee benefits financially by signing up as recommended by the Referrer.
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What is a Referral ad?

A Referral ad Ads are the means by which Referrers find Referees with whom to share refer-a-friend offers. By posting an ad for a refer-a-friend offer, the Referrer certifies that he or she is a current customer of the company, and is entitled to participate in the refer-a-friend offer. The ad should contain all of the information required for a Referee to sign up for the offer. Alternatively, the Referrer may ask to be contacted if he or she does not want to post his personal information in the ad itself.

Never disclose sensitive information such as passwords or your social security, bank account, or credit card numbers online!

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How do I use

Is really free?

Yes, it certainly is! is free for Referrers and Referees alike. We never take cuts from our members' completed deals, nor do we get kick-backs from the companies whose offers appear on You pay nothing, rien, nada...
We are able to keep free by accepting advertising on our site. We do our best to make sure that the ads are relevant to our customers and add value.

The income we get from advertising pays for our server, our domain names, and Google Adwords (that’s right - we even pay to get people to view your Referral ads!), and of course staff to keep improving the service on a daily basis.
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I have a refer-a-friend offer for which I want to be the Referrer, now how do I find a Referee?

It could not be simpler: First, Sign up to become a member. Becoming a member of the community will allow you to track who has looked at your Referral ads, and allow potential Referees to contact you about your ads.
Then, look on the site to find the refer-a-friend offer for which you want to be the Referrer. There is a great chance that it is already listed on our site.
Finally, click on “Add a referral ad” or “Add a referral ad in just one click!”. Be sure that your ad contains all of the information required for your Referee to sign up for the offer. If you do not want to include personal information in your ad, you can tell deal seekers to email you to get the information they need to complete the refer-a-friend offer. You'll be notified by email when you receive messages from other members.

Remember, never disclose sensitive information such as passwords or your social security, bank account, or credit card numbers online!
To keep our content fresh and updated, we automatically disable Referral ads after three months. You can always reactivate your ads after three months, and you can update them at any time if the terms and benefits of the offer have changed. Back to questions | Back to previous page

I’m not a member - can I still become a godparent or Referee on

You can browse as many ads as you wish without signing up with However, to become the Referrer or Referee for refer-a-friend offers through our site, you will need to sign up.
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I found a Referral ad that looks interesting, but the Referrer didn't include any contact info. What now?

You can contact the Referrer using the messaging system, as long are you are registered as a member yourself.
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There is only one ad for the offer I want. Why is this, and who decides which Referral ads appear in my search results?

In the interest of fairness to all Referrers, our search results only display one Referral ad at a time. This targetted display also means that you don't have to wade through an endless list of Referrers' Referral ads, all for the same refer-a-friend offer.
However, the higher a member’s rank, the more heavily his or her ads are weighted so that they appear more frequently in search results. Members can increase their ranks (or MRs) by earning positive votes from other members of the community, by referring people to, and by talking us up in our Buzz Contest.
We set this ranking system in place to encourage our members to take their responsibilities on the site seriously.

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I'm interested in a specific refer-a-friend offer, but I can't find it on Can I add offers to the site?

Yes, you can!
THIS SECTION NEEDS WORK However, before adding a new refer-a-friend offer to, please double check to be sure that does not already exist. You can try searching for offers by typing the first few letters of the offer or company name. Also, remember that the same deal may have alternative names, so don't forget to try those as well if you don't get results at first.
If you add a refer-a-friend offer that already exists on, it will not be validated.
If the refer-a-friend offer is definitely not already on, you may suggest it. Please note: the description of the deal should not contain any reference to yourself or your Referrership. This is a just a general description of the offer, the brand, and the rules.
Because multiple Referrers might want to post a Referral ad for this offer, the terms have to be general. Don't forget to include the deal benefits for both Referrers and Referees. We will not accept any ads that do not provide benefits for both the Referrer and the Referee.
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How do I know that the refer-a-friend offers on are the best as compared to what I might find on other sites?

In our experience, offers the best deals most of the time. Also, keep in mind that in general, refer-a-friend offers tend to yield greater discounts and benefits that the typical promo codes available on other sites.
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How can I increase my chances of becoming the Referrer to other members of

I want to refer EVEN MORE people...

It’s easy! Here are six tips for writing a successful Referral ad:
1. When posting an ad, make it as clear and easy to read as you can. This means checking for typos, and avoiding shortcuts and abbreviations (e.g. text speak).
2. The judicious use of colors and font variations can be used to highlight the most important parts of your ad, such as your contact info or promo code...
3. Which brings us to our next tip. Don't overuse colors, and don't blind your potential Referees with a neon yellow and pink color scheme! 4. If there is too much difference between the benefit you will receive as the Referrer and what your Referee will get, consider offering to share some of your benefit with him or her.
5. Get the word out! Share your ad with everyone you know, by email, Facebook and Twitter. It’s easy to do on
6. Increase your member rank to get your ads featured on the front page!
7. Invite your friends to join You'll increase the visibility of your Referral ads, since they will be priortized on our friends' search results.
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Why are some Referral ads featured on the front page and how can I get my ads up there?

Because they are the winners of the Buzz Contest! We reward those members who generate the most buzz for by posting their ads on our front page. If you want to participate in the Buzz contest, all you need to do is talk up on blogs, forums, facebook public pages, etc., and then send us the link so that we can check it out! Be sure to include the name of the offer you want to promote.
The more buzz you generate for, the more visibility you'll earn, and the better your chances will be of having your ads selected by other members. The six members with the most points will be displayed on the home page, in order of points. In case of a tie, the most senior member will be be shown first.

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How can I share my Referral ads with my friends?

Once you've posted a Referral ad for a refer-a-friend offer, you can email it to your friends or post it on Facebook or Twitter:
All you need then is to click on “Send to a friend”, “Add to Facebook”, or “Tweet it!”...

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