Directv Refer-a-Friend Program, July 2014:

Referral rewards $100 for the referrer and the referee!

83 referrers | 22,250 visits | This offer never expires

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Jbar117 can refer you for Directv: $100 for the referrer and the referee ! On Visit > Directv

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Congratulations for choosing me as your referral to DirecTV! Because you have chosen me as your referrer, the lovely lady in my avatar will personally come and install your DirecTV service. Be sure to use account number 25261682 when you sign up at or when calling 1-800-507-4045 to order.

DIsclaimer: I hope you really didn't think that lovely lady would be the one installing your service. More than likely it will be installed by a grumpy, large, smelly man in an old beat up DirecTV van. He'll do a good job setting up your service, and maybe if your lucky he will be wearing a thong. :)
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Directv refer-a-friend program

$100 for the referrer and the referee! I visit now
22,250 visites
  • Rated 92.5/100.
9.2 / 10 (83 referrers) Referrer: $100 / Referee: $100

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