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Josh T. referred Sherri M.

9 hours ago

Josh T. referred Sherri M.

9 hours ago

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last Wednesday

Josh T. referred Jay S.

last Wednesday

Josh T. referred Jay S.

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7 referrals made
$700 earnings referrers
$700 earnings referees
$1400 earned in total
Directv refferal offer
It's nice to have friends in high places!

Your friend is enjoying DIRECTV, America's #1 satellite TV service and thinks you deserve the same.
And because your friend referred you, you're eligible for $100 off your DIRECTV order — on top of our current new customer offer:

  • Save $31 per month for one full year on most packages
  • Get 2 FREE upgrades: HD DVR and HD receiver FREE
  • Professional installation of up to a 4-room DIRECTV® System
How it works:
  1. Order DIRECTV
    Please have your friend's DIRECTV account number when you order DIRECTV.
  2. Activate your service
    Once you activate DIRECTV service, you’ll start receiving an additional $100 savings in the form of $10 monthly bill credits for 10 consecutive months.
  3. Enjoy:
    You now have the best in TV entertainment.
    Your friend is enjoying the ultimate TV experience. Now it's your turn.
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Receive $100 for each of your referee!

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Referees :

Receive $100 rebate when subscribing with a referrer!

How to get referred ?

  1. Click on "Find a Referrer" button below and select your "Referrer".
  2. Important : Copy his DIRECTV account number in the right-side box "DIRECTV Referral Offer"
  3. Subscribe normally !

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Referrer information (required by the referee):

  • Referrer’s Referrer's Client ID
  • Referrer’s Referrer's Last Name
  • Referrer’s Referrer's First Name
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Directv : $100 for the referrer and the referee !

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$100 for the referrer and the referee !

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Directv refer-a-friend program

$100 for the referrer and the referee! I visit now
19,703 visites
  • Rated 95.7/100.
9.6 / 10 (87 referrers) Referrer: $100 / Referee: $100

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