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AT&T Rewards for Referrals Refer-a-Friend Program, November-December 2015:

Referral rewards $25 for Referrer and Referee!

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AT&T offers a range of services - wireless, digital tv, internet, home, phone, and more.  Check out U-Verse TV with TotalHome DVR!   Now, you and a friend can each save $25 with this refer a friend offer from AT&T.


Receive $25 for referring a friend to AT&T.

How to refer people?

  • You must currently have an account with AT&T.
  • Create a member ad for this refer-a-friend offer.
  • IMPORTANT: You will need your referrer's name in order to sign him/her up for the offer.
  • Let people know that you have posted a member ad for this offer, or just wait for a referee to find you...
  • Once you have a referee, go here to refer him/her.
  • After being referred by you, your referee must sign up for AT&T, here
  • IMPORTANT: After signing up, your referrer must provide you with his/her account number so that you can complete the referral process, here.


Receive $25 when you sign up for AT&T courtesy of your referrer!

How to get referred?

  • Find a referrer on
  • IMPORTANT: You will need to give your name to your referrer BEFORE signing up for AT&T.  After you have given your name to your referrer, sign up for AT&T here.
  • After signing up, get back in touch with your referrer.  Give him/her your account number so that the referral can be completed and you both can claim your rewards.

+ Terms and conditions


Info that the referee must provide to his new “referral friend” to get referred:

  • Referee's Last Name
  • Referee's First Name
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AT&T Rewards for Referrals : $25 for Referrer and Referee !

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$25 for Referrer and Referee !

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AT&T Rewards for Referrals

AT&T Rewards for Referrals refer-a-friend program

$25 for Referrer and Referee! I visit now
4,214 visites
  • Rated 100.0/100.
10.0 / 10 (0 referrers) Referrer: $25 / Referee: $25

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